South Africa will be reverting to standard unicom 122.80.

NOTE: 124.80 is not valid unicom frequency anymore.

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Posted by Deon Mathews on 17 April 2014  •  Comments (0)

07 May 2014 @ 17:30

As popular as ever, VATSAF continues the tradition of the "Wacky Wednesday" VFR flights to great enjoyment of the participants.

SO HERE'S AN INVITATION...     If you have not participated in the past, or are a regular during the Wednesday VFR events, join us on the VATSAF teamspeak every Wednesday from 19h00 local (17h00z) and lets go fly!!

As VFR flights are weather dependent, we are unable to make specific arrangements in advance, details may only become available at a moment's notice. You are more than welcome to suggest a route as well.

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